At Choulet Wellness, Dr. Brook Choulet provides comprehensive mental health services. She strives to provide streamlined care to her patients by offering a members-only phone/text line and secure messaging platform. In addition, clients can often request same-day appointments and refill requests (non-controlled substances). The clinic offers a variety of treatment modalities, including remote visits and traditional office visits. Dr. Choulet practices evidence-based medicine and can prescribe medications as needed to treat various mental health conditions.

Medication Management

Mental health treatment requires attention to detail, as several factors can contribute to a person’s symptoms. Dr. Brook Choulet offers both medication and therapy treatment options that can be delivered through traditional office visits or remote telepsychiatry. Because therapy is such an integral part of treatment, she offers individual therapy in several modalities. She provides her clients with concierge services, designed to allow the client the flexibility to decide when, where, and how long your visit is with the doctor. Dr. Brook Choulet makes her availability no obstacle, as she is available not only during the weekday, but also during the weekends and after-hours.

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Choulet Wellness understands the importance of psychotherapy. Studies have shown that adding therapy to medication management both improves the likelihood of maintaining improvement and increases rates of response. A wide array of psychotherapy techniques can be utilized depending on each patient’s needs. Therapy can help patients gain increased insight about their problems and learn skills for managing them in more adaptive ways.

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Choulet Wellness’ telemedicine capability allows our clients to have online appointments from the comfort of their home. Since the mission of our clinic is to promote wellness goals, we want to simplify your life and help streamline your care – making telemedicine an ideal service in delivering this promise. We want to give all of our clients exclusive accessibility to our healthcare professionals, to ensure our members have high-quality physical and mental health care when needed. With a secure (HIPAA compliant) video platform, Choulet Wellness offers uninterrupted access to Dr. Brook and Samuel Choulet’s specialized, comprehensive mental health and weight management services.

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Our Approach

Choulet Wellness offers a variety of concierge services to suit all of our patient’s needs. With valuable expertise and state-of-the-art treatment plans, Dr. Choulet creates custom treatment plans for each client. Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge to ensure lifelong wellness. These treatments may include lifestyle, nutrition education, therapy, and medical intervention. We tailor our program to your specific needs.